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Celebrating  76 Years of Love Stories

From a modest beginning in 1946, Paramount Jewelers has served generations of St. Louisans for 76 years.  Over time, we have developed an excellent reputation with our customers - because of our service, quality and fair pricing. We look forward to serving you and your family soon. 

As trusted independent jewelers, Paramount strives to provide the service and selection our customers deserve.  Paramount offers many of the top brands in engagement rings, fine jewelry and watches, while specializing in jewelry design with flair, creating a look as unique as the person wearing it that stands the test of time. We also offer expert jewelry repair and restoration. 

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Located on Historic Route 66

Today in Missouri, it is possible to travel on 300 miles of roadways that were once part of the original Route 66 Highway. Route 66, the "Mother Road" of the United States, ran from Chicago, Illinois all the way to the southern coast of California in Santa Monica. A total of 2,448 miles of highway running through Illinois, Missouri, the southeast corner of Kansas, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. It was born at a time when the nation was demanding a standardized national highway system. The Federal Government listened and gave Cyrus Avery, a successful Oklahoma businessman, the job of plotting and mapping out what would become the US Highway System. On November 11, 1926 a bill was signed in Washington creating the American Highway System, with a new naming system and standardized signage to be used. Route 66, "Main Street of America," was born!

Across the country, Route 66, followed old trails of Indians, pioneers and even deer. The path that Route 66 followed from St. Louis, Missouri to Springfield, Missouri was originally just a trail known as the "Osage Indian Trail." On January 5, 1931, Missouri became the 3rd state to completely pave its portion of Route 66, with the last mile completed in Phelps County near Arlington.

Historic Route 66 came through St. Louis in three different locations over the years. The original alignment into St. Louis was across the McKinley Bridge through the downtown warehouse district. This caused extreme traffic problems in downtown. The traffic was then routed across MacArthur Bridge, but that did little to ease congestion. Finally, Bypass Route 66 was created and was sent across the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge just north.

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